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This tugger wasn’t able to make a 2km round trip. A new FIS design and build, in partnership with company programmers, automated the tugger with higher capacity and longer battery life to make the required round trip. The result: fewer charging stations, faster trips, and more trips per hour.

Bridge Control

The Glen Ross swing bridge was upgraded, FIS supplied the control panel design and build with on-site startup support  

Controls Upgrade

The inability to service 100 cabinets like this one quickly caused continuous problems with downtime, failure, and lost production. A complete FIS redesign addressed heat dissipation, electrical noise, and power fluctuations for more efficient servicing and less equipment downtime.

Data Management

All large industrial petroleum orders were manually managed, which cost labour and were vulnerable to human error. FIS’ automation of manual order fulfillment resulted in no errors, reduced labour cost, faster order fulfillment, and faster product changeovers.


A plant operating multiple fixtures didn’t know which presses were available at any given time. FIS designed a configuration mode than enabled the tool setter to change tool sequences without the need of special programming or laptop. This resulted in more production flexibility, reduced software setup costs, and quicker tool changeovers.

Machine Vision

This company was forced to hire extra labour to manually check for missing and/or damaged teeth on gears. With our solution to integrate a vision system, 100% of the defects were removed from the process. Customer was able to reduce their labour cost and increase customer satisfaction.

Process Control

A new facility needed a water cooling system to ensure quick production cycles. They had all the required pumps and hardware but no way to operationalize them. FIS automated the entire production process to accommodate varied production cycles that turned zones on and off depending on production volumes and locations.

Sonic Welding

High scrap rates from sonic weld quality issues were costing a lot of money. FIS refurbished the existing machine control and replaced sonic weld supplies. The result: higher profit margin from lower scrap rates.

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